If you protect your yard with a gate, you might not be getting everything you can out of your gate. It might sound odd to talk about the potential for a gate because it’s just a gate; however, there are some things you can do to greatly improve the protective quality as well as the functionality.

The Protection

Increasing the protection of your gate is important depending on what you intend to do with your gate. Are you trying to keep something in or keep something out? In some cases, you are attempting to do both. If you have small children or a pet, you might be trying to keep your loved ones in your yard. If you have vegetables or small animals, you might be trying to keep other animals out. There are some ways that you can make that more effective.

A self-closing hinge is a simple way to improve the protective quality of your Perth gates and fences. A self-closing hinge is a spring-loaded hinge that will close your gate without you needing to do anything. So, even if someone forgets to close the gate behind him or her, it will close itself. This means that you are always protected. You can also invest in locks and/or keypads. Those will allow you to lock your gate just as you would lock your door. If your gate is for more than just decoration, you need a locking mechanism to make sure that you can keep it secure against those who you don’t want coming in.


If you want your gate to be protective but you also want to be able to operate it more easily, you’ll need to make some upgrades. One upgrade that many people choose is an electromagnet. The magnet holds the gate locked but you can open it remotely with an electronic button. If you press the button, it will unlock the magnet and allow the gate to be opened. You can operate this from inside the house if you don’t want to go outside to let someone into the gate. It offers you the same protection that many stores use to protect themselves; it also offers you a higher level of convenience. That’s great for people who have mobility issues or just don’t want to go out to the yard every time that they want to let someone in.

In addition to remote locks, you can invest in a motorised gate. A motorised gate is one that will open and close under the power of an electric motor. That will allow you to operate the gate remotely; this is perfect if your gate is over your driveway and you don’t want to get out of your car to drive through it.