Why might you choose self-drive van hire? Well, the most common reason is for moving house. While hiring a removal company might make sense if you’re going to be moving halfway across the country, it doesn’t really make sense to go to all that expense if your new home is only a few miles away from the old one. However, if you rely on just your car boot to transport everything to the new property, you’ll be looking at a lot of trips, and enormous petrol bills in the process. On the other hand, a self-drive van will help to make the process a lot easier, since you won’t have to travel back and forth quite so often. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in even smaller models of self-drive vans, so it’s no surprise that so many people use this approach when moving house.

Before you go ahead and hire a self-drive van, though, take the time to plan out exactly what you’ll need it for, and how you’re going to use it. Companies like MVR in Swindon have plenty of options to choose from, so think about how much freight you’ll need to carry, and then choose a van that fits your needs perfectly. If you hire a van that’s too small, then you’ll end up needing to make multiple trips to get everything from A to B. On the other hand, a van that’s too big will mean you’re overpaying for that extra space that’s going to waste. For a big move, a Luton box van might be your best bet, whereas if you’re only transporting a few things, then consider a smaller model.

Another thing to check before hiring is whether the hire company offers any extras that you might like to take advantage of. For instance, some companies provide special weekend rates that can save you money on hiring a van for a couple of days. Others, like MVR who we mentioned above, provide free parking for your car while you’re using the van- especially handy for those of you traveling a fair distance to the van hire depot. If you plan on taking your self-drive van abroad- even if it’s just a round trip to Calais- then be sure to check in advance if that’s okay with the hire company. Most will be happy to let you do this, but it’s worth being on the safe side to avoid any nasty surcharges down the line.

With the vast majority of self-drive vans, you won’t need a special license to drive them- a regular driver’s license will cover them. However, you still need to bear in mind that this is a different type of vehicle, and you’ll therefore need to drive differently when behind the wheel of a van. Remember that vans are taller than cars, and you’ll therefore need to think about the top of the van, too. Avoid any low-hanging trees or lights, and check bridge heights before you drive under them. Vans are also more likely to lean, too, so try not to park too close to walls and the like, especially on slopes. Lastly, since vans are much heavier vehicles than cars (especially when loaded up with boxes), they take longer to come to a complete stop- so drive carefully, and take turns with extra caution.

We hope that you’ve found the above tips helpful, and that you now feel a bit more confident about hiring a self-drive van. So long as you’re careful when driving the van, you should find that the whole experience goes without a hitch, and that your hired van makes your task a whole lot easier. Whether you’re planning a big move, or just need a quick transport solution for hefty items like furniture, a self-drive van is the ideal solution- so why not book one today!