If you live in an area where clean water is not readily accessible, you might want to call a company that offers delivery services for water bottles in your area. You can get clean drinking water delivered in large bottles and put them up on the dispenser in order to meet your hydration needs. There are several companies that currently offer the delivery of water throughout the city, so you have to do a bit of research from your side before choosing any deliver provider. Water bottle delivery is generally offered at a fixed price, and the bottles need to be returned to the company after a specific time period as well. If you feel that the quality of water coming through the pipes is not as good, you might want to call a water bottle delivery service provider. However, with so many options available to choose from, it can often be difficult for people to choose the right delivery service provider. Here are some crucial factors you should consider before signing up with any water bottle delivery service provider.

Closest Providers

Most companies that offer a water delivery service generally have a radius in which they operate. If you are located outside of that radius, the company will charge an additional delivery fee for delivering the water bottles at your doorstep. Some companies also calculate the distance based on the distance from their warehouse or bottling centre to your place. You have to look for the closest providers available in the city to save as much money on your purchase as you possibly can.

Water Purification Process

One of the biggest factors you have to take into consideration is the water purification process used by the company. Most companies are pretty open about the technology they use to filter the water, and will provide you with extensive details about the process so that you know about the purity of the water. If you want to be extra careful, you can also purchase a simple water purity testing device. It’s a handheld device you can use to check whether the water is pure enough to drink or not.

Delivery Timings

All of the companies that offer a water delivery service usually have specific delivery timings throughout the course of the week. You might not be home when the delivery is made, so you will probably have to leave the bottles outside for the company to pick up and replace with new ones. Ideally, you should ask about the delivery timings from the company before making a decision so you know when the water bottles will be delivered to your place.


You also have to check the price per bottle before you order. Usually, the company will sell you a coupon book you can use for getting bottles for a fixed price. In case there’s a promotion running, you can get the water bottles delivered at a significantly reduced rate as well.