Across the Australian landscape, there are many recognisable items, and one of these is a tank made to collect rainwater. These rainwater tanks are available in numerous sizes and colours, allowing you to match the tank with your home’s décor. They can hold as little as 26,000 litres of water or over two-million litres, and they contain liners that enable them to operate cleanly and efficiently. The tanks also come in a variety of colours that includes silver, beige, charcoal grey, dark green, white, and blue. Because the companies that make the tanks are continuously coming up with new and improved options, it is entirely possible that more colours will be available in the future. These vessels are well-made, corrosion-proof, and come with a warranty of up to 20 years.

When You Expect to Get the Best

Tanks made for rainwater usually have certain features in common, including:

  • Steel-corrugated walls and roofs
  • Access hatches that are lockable
  • Scour drains 50mm in size
  • Removable internal/external ladder

They also come with optional features that include seals that protect against vermin and dust, additional valves and outlets, roof catchment systems, and safeguards that are perfect for areas prone to fire. A good rainwater tank is easy to install because the only thing you’ll need to do is level a piece of land with crusher dust or sand. The companies that make the tanks will let you know how large to make the area and assist you with anything else you need to know before the project begins. Of course, the professionals do the hard work for you because they know you are expecting an expert product – which is something you’re entitled to get.

Parts That Come Together to Create a Perfect Tank

Perhaps one of the most significant parts of these tanks is the liner, which is designed to keep your water free from contaminants, without taste, and as fresh as possible. They are UV-treated, contain multiple layers, and include a top-notch food grade. They usually last 30 years or more, and the fabric used to make the liners uses the most up-to-date technology available. All of this together, along with the quality of the tank itself, means you are always going to get an exceptional product that you can rely on to work properly for many years. Also, these companies’ websites give you an easy way to decide which size water tank you need, and all you have to do is enter the annual rainfall in your area and your roof size. Water tanks are easy to find and afford, and you will always appreciate the sturdiness and efficiency of the vessel you decide on buying.