Water is notorious for being persistent in its efforts to find its way through any obstacle. That’s definitely bad news for your home. Water damage can be very extensive and cause a lot of stress and result in a lot of expenses. The damage is usually so severe that it takes an experienced water damage restoration company like Emergency Home Solutions to get your home back in shape.

However, there are some things you can do to make your home as well-protected as possible, in case severe weather or flooding threatens to damage all you’ve been building for years. Here are some basic tips on how to protect your home from water.

The Roof

First of all, inspect your roof to make sure all the flashings, tiles and shingles are in place and in good shape. That means they are not cracked, broken or damaged in any way. Check the chimneys, outdoor air conditioner units, coolers and vents are secured and undamaged. See if there are any leaks near the air-conditioner or the vents.

Cut any tree branches hanging above your roof, so they don’t damage it in case of heavy wind or so they don’t get stuck in the shingles. The leaves can also clog the gutters, which is one more reason why you should trim the branches regularly.


Make sure to check for any cracks in the boards, bricks or any other type of wall. Make sure the walls are structurally sound. If there are any openings in your walls, like plumbing or cable openings, use foam to seal them. Also, make sure to reinforce any wood around these openings.

Make sure there are no termites in the wooden elements of the walls, especially near your home’s foundation. Termites are pesky insects that can eat away at not only wood but metal and plaster as well. Check if the exhaust vents can open and close properly. Clear out any shrubs near the walls and make sure not to direct any water towards the walls when watering your garden.

Doors and Windows

Make sure there are no leaks near your doors and windows. You can recognize leaks by peeled or discolored paint, as well as swollen frames. Make sure that the doors and windows can close properly and fit well. Install overhangs to protect doors and windows from outside elements, including the rain, snow,and sun. If there’s any damaged weather stripping around the windows make sure to replace it. Finally, install window well covers to shield your windows from debris trapped in the well.

Downspouts and Gutters

The most important thing here is to make sure you clean your gutters and downspouts regularly and that they are kept in good shape. Add metal screens to keep debris like leaves and twigs out of the gutters. Make sure downspouts don’t direct water close to your home, but at least five feet away from the foundation. You can add extensions if necessary.

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