Iron is the best material you can choose for your beds, your bedroom furniture, and your housing accessories. Iron is great because it looks great, it’s durable, it’s sturdy, and lasts for a very long time. It also provides you with a classic, timeless look that is hard to replicate. Iron has been used as a building material for thousands of years because it is reliable and solid. However, there are many who try to capitalise on the reputation and popularity of iron without providing the quality you need. Here are some things you need to avoid.

Cast Iron and Hollow Poles

There are several kinds of iron; many items are called wrought iron that are no longer actually wrought iron anymore. Cast iron and forged iron are the two most common types of iron available nowadays. Cast iron is great for cookware; it is made by heating iron until it is a liquid and poured into a mould, which then cools and solidifies. The other type of iron is forged iron, which is heated and beaten by a blacksmith. It is then folded and beaten some more; the blacksmith repeats this process over and over. Every time the blacksmith beats and folds the iron, it introduces carbon into the process and helps temper it. Because of that process, forged iron is much stronger than cast iron. It is more flexible, which is why it is great for furniture. Your iron pan doesn’t need to be flexible, though; it is your bed frame that needs to be a little bit flexible. It just needs to bend enough not to be brittle. Iron beds for sale in your area should be forged iron; avoid cast iron if you possibly can.

Avoid hollow poles as well. Many companies will produce bed frames, curtain rods, and other iron furnishings, but they’ll use hollow poles. The hollow poles will be lightweight and affordable, but they’re not durable. You want solid iron for your bedroom furniture.


You want your solid iron accessories for all of your bedroom furniture. End tables, coffee tables, curtain hooks, curtain rods, and much more should all be made of solid iron. However, the only danger to iron is rust. Rust happens when the iron oxidises in the presence of moisture. To reduce the possibility, you simply need to keep it sealed from moisture. The most effective natural way to do so is with a coating of beeswax. Beeswax will protect the iron, develop a deeper and richer colour over time, and even smells pretty good. A good beeswax coating is essential to keeping your iron furniture in good condition.

Look for solid, forged iron furnishings for your bedroom, for they’re your best option. A coating of beeswax will protect them for years to come.