A new build inspection company will ‘snag’ a newly built property before contracts of sale are complete.

  • What exactly does‘snag’ mean?

The clue lies in the word itself, ‘snag’. Dictionaries describe a snag as ‘an unexpected or hidden obstacle or drawback.’

So, should you ever hit upon a ‘snag’, then you’ve encountered a problem. And, that’s exactly what ‘snagging’ is all about, looking for problems inherent in newly built properties.

A snagger’s (is there such a word?) job is to protect the interest of any would-be purchaser by giving a new built house a thorough once-over with a view to uncovering imperfections and downright shoddy workmanship that may cause ongoing problems and expense.

Any new home owner who has ever suffered the inconvenience and frustrations caused by poor workmanship or design will have, no doubt, lamented not having employed a new building inspection company to draw up a snag list.

The issue as to the quality of any new build property is probably more relevant now than it has ever been. OK, building regulations have tightened but so has the need to build quickly in order to maximise profits.

Inevitably, shortcuts are taken; any mistakes are duly plastered over and lie patiently in wait for an inconvenient opportunity.

Commissioning the production of a snag list is really a no-brainer; itcould well prevent long, bitter disputes and considerable anxiety for all parties concerned.

  • How thorough is snagging?

Well, that depends on the professionalism and expertise of the company employed. As with most things in life there are professionals and then there’s the cheap and cheerful brigade.

An experienced company, employing knowledgeable and diligent inspectors, will use all their expertise and latest high-tech equipment to produce an in-depth and accurate picture as to the building’s condition.

You should expect a snag surveyor to check for any structural damage, examine the heating system (via thermal imaging scans) for leaks and assess the effectiveness of insulation. Furthermore, the final report should include photographic evidence of all potential problems, including an aerial photo of the roof where necessary.

The report should be comprehensive and probably more in-depth than suggested above. The inspector will make it absolutely clear where work is required and will produce a ‘water-tight’ and comprehensive set of instruction to all relevant ‘trades’ involved.

The completed snag list is presented to the builders for all necessary repairs to be effected prior to any contract completion.

It all makes perfect sense.

  • Where to find the right New Build Inspection Company?

You could search the web and take a chance; or you could take the advice of satisfied customers and experts within the building trade.

No one can deny that HomeSnag is a new build inspection business with vast experience within the building industry; they are a company with an impeccable record and a meticulous professional approach.

Their website is clearly laid out, easy to navigate with concise detail as to their service and charges.

So, before you sign the dotted line, first get sound advice and guidance from HomeSnag.