The process of metal blackening has been going on for hundreds of years and was pioneered by weapons manufacturers, who were trying to stop their guns oxidising. Originally, the process was called “blueing” as the metal took on a blueish tint, and by dipping the metal into a chemical solution, it would cause the metal surface to oxidise, thus protecting it from further corrosion. As time went by, the process was refined, and there are still traditional British companies that focus on metal blackening, and with a range of blackening kits that can be used on a range of metals, it is possible to protect a wide range of metal items. If you would like to know about some of the main industries that rely on metal blackening, here are just a few of the uses.

  • Tool and Machinery Manufacture – Many precision made components are blackened, mainly for two reasons, the first, it offers complete corrosion protection, as the solution affects the entire surface, and secondly, the process does not add to the dimensions of the object, unlike a paint or coating process. If you are living in the UK, Blackfast metal blackening is noted to be the best in the industry, and from their easy to navigate website, you can discover many interesting uses for metal blackening.
  • The Automotive Industry – An engine block, for example, can be treated and the protection will permeate into the threads and small stud holes, giving total protection against oxidisation. Nuts and bolts can be treated, and with room temperature dipping, it is very easy to set up the process in any workshop or factory.
  • The Antique Business – Specific blackening solutions have been developed for use with pewter, brass and copper, and a range of appealing effects can be created. There are online suppliers of blackening kits, and with full instructions and everything you need, it is possible to transform furniture and fittings, such as buckles, handles, frames and just about anything that is made from metal.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – This is one of the reasons why manufacturers prefer to treat their metal products, and this shiny black surface remains constant, which is ideal for things that are on the shelves for long periods of time, as a quick wipe and they are as good as new. The chemical reaction changes the composition of the metal surface, and it will absorb wax and oil, which will add to the corrosion protection.
  • Heavy Machinery – Almost any kind of machine can be protected with the blackening process, and with no increase to dimensions, the process is ideal for precision made engine parts and components in complex pieces of equipment, and with a range of applications, you can select the ideal solution.

This process has been refined many times, and can be used with aluminium, zinc, iron and steel, to name but a few, and with online suppliers of kits, any small business can benefit from metal blackening.