If you are looking to redecorate the exterior of your house or revitalise it, you should consider your shrubbery. Painting and refinishing your house is important but some landscaping can make it really come alive. There are many different choices and they will change year-round. When you paint your house, it will be the same colour and texture until you paint it again. With an assortment of shrubbery and flowers, it will look different every season. So, when you talk with a landscaper, you should ask about ways to make your house look different as the seasons change.

Changing Seasons

One of the biggest benefits of decorating your house with trees, shrubbery, and flowers is that you can have ones that bloom and flower at different times of the year. That will give your house constantly changing appeal. You should choose some flowers and shrubs that bloom early in the season. Typically, this means that they will bloom early in the spring, not long after the final frost. You’ll want to make sure that you have landscaping in North Shore that can withstand the high temperatures of the summer. Some plants don’t like that amount of direct sunlight and high temperatures. You’ll need to balance those plants with some that do work well in the high heat.

Different Parts of the House

In addition to greenery that blooms and flowers at different times of the year, you’ll want greenery that flowers at different levels of light. If you want a shade-grown shrub, it will need to be on the part of your house that gets the most shade. Typically, that will be the west side of your house. It will be in shade for most of the day until the sun is ready to set.

If all of this sounds complex, you don’t need to worry. Great landscapers will be able to determine what types of plants will work best in which parts of the house. They’ll give you plants that work well in the shady parts as well as the sunny parts of your house. Furthermore, they will give you plants that work well together.

If you are growing fruits, vegetables, or nuts, you’ll likely need plants to cross-pollinate. Some plants are self-fertile and others need a pollinator. A good landscaper will know which is which and be able to pair them. Not all trees or plants bloom and flower at the same time even if they are the same species. So, you’ll need plants of the same species that can cross-pollinate because they flower at the same time. That will give you the best possible fruiting when the fruit sets. A good landscaper is absolutely essential to making sure that your house looks great all year long.