For many years, centuries in fact, people have used wood or stone balustrades for stairways, balconies, and other areas where a railing is needed for support, safety, and appearance. A railing of such materials was usually supported by balusters, the spindle or shaft used for support. Thus the name balustrade came about. However, in the last few years, design trends and personal preferences have changed, bringing glass into the mix.

If you haven’t given serious thought to using glass in this way, you may be missing out on a great opportunity. All of the age-old misconceptions about the frailty and danger of glass have been eliminated by a strong and stable material perfectly safe for children, pets, and everyday use. You may ask why this beautiful, durable material will be a great choice for new construction or renovation. There is more than one answer to the question, because there are several benefits.

View and Appearance

Perhaps the primary benefit you get from using glass balustrades in Perth involves how you look at the material itself. If you’re viewing it from a guest or visitor’s standpoint, you might see that this choice delivers a great look for your home or business. Change your viewpoint and look at the balustrade as a property owner and you see immediately that it gives you a clear, unobstructed view of anything on the other side – the rest of your home, the scenery from your balcony, or the pool deck. The sense of expanded space will be noticeable.

With this remarkable benefit, you still have the safety and protection you’d get from any other material. In some cases, the balustrade may be even stronger than classic wood or metal railings. Combine the open-air feeling and the durability and a glass balustrade can be an outstanding choice for a balcony. In addition, glass provides excellent wind reduction performance, a benefit that may be especially important in an outdoor setting.

Extensive Product Inventory

Naturally, it’s just as important for your balustrades to be professionally installed, so that this new, reliable material can do its job. When you begin your search for the highest quality balustrades, make sure you are working with a company that also delivers quick installation work without compromising on quality. Combine quality materials with experienced workmanship and you can see why builders, homeowners, and business owners alike choose to make this smart choice.

Start your search with a true, full-service company and you will not only have access to this new and exciting option in balustrades, you can also talk with a representative about both frameless balustrade kits and semi-frameless balustrade kits, pool fencing, fabricated handrail systems, glass panels made to measure, staircases, hardware, fixing chemicals, and the accessories you need to complete the project correctly.

Choose durable glass for your balustrade to get the quality and beauty you desire.