It is a fact that on average, an adult person sheds about 2 grams of skin cells on a daily basis and most of the time, the shedding of these cells is done at night when the person is sleeping. This is why dust mites are often found in a person’s mattress as they tend to feed off the skin cells and it is due to this fact that the demand for dust mite covers has been increasing exponentially.

Though dust mite covers is the key when it comes to relieve one’s allergies, it is also impossible to expect that you can get rid of dust mites completely. Also, you may think that just because they are often found in abundance in a person’s mattress, that there’s their only place to live. In fact, dust mites can be found almost anywhere especially in warm and humid environments.

In case you’re not even sure if you have a problem with dust mite infestation, there are a few simple telltale signs that may point you into believing that you do have a problem. Do you often find yourself waking up with cold-like symptoms such as having a runny nose, watery eyes or the constant labored breathing through asthma-like symptoms?

If you answered yes to the above, then you very likely are suffering from dust mites. The reason that you are suffering from all of these symptoms is due to the fact that you are actually inhaling the corpses and waste material of the dust mites as they feed and populate themselves on your mattress. Now do you understand why dust mite covers are necessary?

So how does dust mite covers help to give you relief from allergies?

The answer is simple. Dust mite covers help to isolate the dust mites from their food source, meaning that they are made of porous material which have holes that allow air to go through them but nothing else. This means that your dead skin cells will fall on to the covers and not go into the mattresses where the dust mites are waiting to be fed.

Researchers and scientists have constantly been figuring out on how to make the ultimate dust mite covers and so far, their research has come a long way as there are many different brands of dust mite covers on the market that one can easily choose from. They also come in a variety of different material such as plastic or vinyl so that you can choose according to your own personal preference.

The best way to keep the dust mites away is to simply give your mattress and pillows a thorough cleaning every other month or so with hot water.