If you’re looking to make your home more stylish this year, you can actually find a lot of inspiration from a new build show home. As you may be aware, new houses tend to have a little bit less space than traditional homes such as Victorian terraces. The rooms are often smaller, but yet the design elements come together in such a way that there actually appears to be a lot of space, leading people to describe rooms as “light and airy” and “spacious”. The furniture and decor in show homes is thought out very carefully; this is so more people choose to buy other plots on the development. This aspirational feeling works well though, and that’s why you can use some of the design tips for show homes within your own property. Here are a few considerations for upgrading your house…

Buy the right sized furniture

If you’ve moved from one house to another using the same furniture, there is a chance that you might be overcrowding particular rooms of your house. It’s unlikely that your old and new rooms have the same dimensions, so act to resolve this. By buying the right sized furniture for your house, you can quickly make a space feel more open and useable. If you’re looking for a specific colour of furniture, lighter woods tend to work better for a light and airy finish; alternatively you might want to look at glossy items.

Make sure there is a feature

What is the current feature of your room? If you want to wow your family and friends when they come to visit, make sure there is a bold feature in the room that will catch their attention. This can be anything from a large TV and entertainment unit to a mural or fireplace. Whatever you choose will fit in with your personality and how your rooms are currently used.

Go minimalistic

In line with streamlining your furniture, try to do the same with your possessions and soft furnishings. Instead of a big grandfather clock, can’t you find something quirky but minimalistic? Use this thinking around the house and you’ll make it feel larger in no time. Bulky items may work in big rooms, but sell or donate what won’t comfortably fit in your home. You could start by recycling old bits of paper to get the ball rolling.

Use pops of colour

One thing that show homes do well is using colour. There are some television programmes such as 60 Minute Makeover that go a little bit over the top with patterns and colours, but by picking a theme and choosing shades of that colour, you can reach a happy medium. For example, you might have three white walls and then one in a duck egg blue. Pick up different shades of blue-green in a vase, your flowers or a throw for the settee. It looks very professional, yet refined.