Have you wondered what are animal side tables? Perhaps you’ve heard about them being ‘on trend’ in those home improvement shows on TV, or maybe in a glossy coffee table magazine?

Well, animal side tables are really a ‘thing’ – and lovely they are too. Not only do they add a sense of fun to your home, but they look totally unique and are sure to stimulate conversation amongst your guests every time.

Simply put, animal side tables are exactly what the name suggests – an elegant side table styled after a particular animal.

What type of animals are available as ‘animal side tables’ though?

Although each designer may have their own unique twist, looking at a famous home furnishing site such as Contemporary Heaven shows the following animal side tables :-

  • Leopard Side Table
  • Black bear Side Table
  • Kare polar bear Side Table
  • Gloss White Funky Modern Teddy Bear Side Table

How different are the animals on the animal side tables?

Okay, animal side tables is not a first – there’s always been the concept, although they’ve never looked so gorgeous as they do today.

Once of a day, it was a mangy animal and cheaply done, but today’s animal side tables are glossy, and full of character, and look and feel luxurious. From the glossy white, funky and modern teddy bear to spotted yellow spotted leopard, each animal side table comes with its own obvious character.

Don’t worry, it won’t be like those old-fashioned animal side tables where the ‘animal’ was always the same shape!

Why on earth use an animal side table though?

Seriously? Who wouldn’t want one of these lively, fun lifestyle concepts in their home? Contemporary, fun and stylish, each animal side table is both practical (holding up a wooden table top for example) and a statement (who wouldn’t notice a black bear in a living room?).

of course, if’s not just animal lovers that will be pining for animal side tables. Fashionistas, designers, and funky lifestyle influencers are rushing to get their paws on these before they become too common.

However, never fear for animal side tables to go out of fashion, with their delightful balance of elegance, fun and practicality, they’re sure to be a feature of living rooms and houses for years to come!

Conclusion: Are you bold enough to plunder an animal side table to make a statement in your own home?

Just like the big, brave animals featured on these animal side tables,  these are not for the meek or feint-hearted. For those cool cats looking to make a statement and express themselves, it’s time to be the master of your domain and show off a little by investing in one of these amazing animal side tables!

Take one look at these animal side tables, and they’re sure to GRRRROW on you!